How to Get Natural Looking Breasts During Implant Surgery

How to Get Natural Looking Breasts During Implant Surgery?

Breast enlargement is a common surgical procedure among modern women. But, nowadays, women want breasts that look natural. They don’t want breasts that would look out of place with their physique; rather, they wish for curvier contours in their cleavage. These enhancements feel, look, and respond almost like natural breast tissue. This is actually the result of breast implants. Women are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing what sort of breast augmentation they want, such as the location, the placement, or the size of the implant. Now, they can even select the kind of implant they wish to get. This could be round or anatomical, saline or gel. The perfect size, pocket placement, and profile can make a whole world of difference when it comes to how natural your breast size appear once you receive the implants. You definitely need to speak to your surgeon before the surgery in order to understand which options will suit you the best.

New Methods for Breast Augmentation

It’s always better to see something rather than hear about something. The same rule applies to breast augmentation. If you’re conflicted regarding the look and size of the implants, your surgeon can actually assist you in visualizing the finished product. This is achieved easily through the help of 3D imaging or sizers. The latter is a preferred technique that allows patients to get a physical experience of how it would be like to have bigger breasts along with a larger bra cup size and a more prominent bust profile. There are many patients who also want to know how they’ll look once they get the breast implants. Doctors can help with this via Vectra 3D technology.  You can choose this option after speaking with the surgeon about estimating size changes.

How Do Natural Looking Breast Implants Work?

The first thing you must do is understand that every woman is unique, and the results of surgery tend to vary from one person to another. It helps if you keep your expectations in check; the success of the procedure will depend considerably on that. The final outcome of the surgery will depend a lot on what your surgeon is going to be working with. The quality of the existing breast tissue, your height, BMI, body weight, and skin resiliency will all play a major part in the success of the procedure. Since the results are not constant, your breast surgery is going to take place in a customized manner so that it suits you as well as your overall physique. This is exactly why you should pick a good surgical team that doesn’t resort to shortcuts and doesn’t take unnecessary risks.

You should speak to your plastic surgeon clearly before the surgery and express all your doubts and concerns. After all, you’re the one who is going to be living with the results in future. You should be aware of what you want, especially what would look good with your rib cage, body shape, and proportions of your torso.

How the Natural Look is Achieved?

In order to get natural looking breasts, women should first consider the size of the implant. This is just one out of many factors that will indicate the final results. Your plastic surgeon should know enough to take the size and shape of your body into account, along with the existing amount of breast tissue, the length of the torso, the width of the chest, the alignment of the nipples and the breasts.

For example, if your torso is short, you will have to pick a breast implant size that doesn’t make it look like you’ve gained weight. This is because the size of your waist and the length of your torso will affect the way your breasts appear in relation to the overall appearance. If the existing placement of your breasts is highly asymmetrical, you might want to speak to your doctor regarding your options for reducing the asymmetry before you undergo the augmentation surgery. Remember, anything you discuss with your doctor will be kept completely confidential.



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